From July to mid September

Nadelgrat is a fantastic crossing in high mountain environment. Probably the unique onethat allows to climb 4 peaks over 4000 meters in one day: Durrenhorn m 4035, Hohbarghorn m 4219, Stecknadelhorn m 4241 and Nadelhorn m 4327.

A great shaggy of 4000 meters tops . The biggest difficulty of the itinerary is its length. The technical difficulties are classic but they must not be underestimated. We will be fully rewarded by the incredible view immersed among rocky spikes and huge glaciers.

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Travel Program


Climb to Bordier Hut

Meeting with the Mountain Guide early in the morning and transfer to Gasenried m 1659. Equipment check and then, first along a trail in the forest and then along morene and stones, we’ ll reach the edge of the Riedgletscher and the Bordier-Hutte m 2770. Dinner and overnight.

Walk up 1220 mt - 3/4 hours



Departure from the Hut very early, before dawn, first on debris morena and then on the glacier until Galenjock m 3303. From here along a ridge with discontinuous steps of II ° and III ° we’ ll reach the summit of Durrenhorn m 4035. Then, along continuous climb of snowy ridges, mixed trails and rocky spikes, we’ ll climb Hohberghorn m 4212, Stecknadelhorn m 4241 and finally Nadelhorn m 4327, the higher one. The descent is on the opposite side along the regular route down to Windjock m 3850 and then through the Riedgletscher to Bordier Hutte.

Walk up m 1600 - Down 2700 m – 12/14 hours

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TECHNICAL INFO: Nadelgrat is among the classic itinerary of the Alps, perhaps the longest crossing. The hardest thing is to stay focused all along the way, going on endless up and down. The difficulties are always classic with rocky and mixed steps up to the grade III, ice and snow slopes up to 50° . Some steps can be delicate if iced because of its exposure.

The accompaniment of two participants will be decided by the Guide in according to their experience and technical skills.



AD+ / Fairly Difficult +

Skills required

Excellent physical shape, good training and practice in the use of ice axe and crampons are required, Basic rock climbing experience is required

Duration, Participants and Deadline

Duration Min Max Deadline
2 days 1 2


High mountain clothing, harness, crampons, ice axe, helmet, head light


Alpine Club Card is recommended


1 person900,00 €per person

Rate details

THE PRICE INCLUDES: Support and assistance of a U.I.A.G.M. Mountain Guide, all the technical equipment in common use, rental of technical equipment if you need (harness, crampons, ice axe, helmet), logistics and reservation to the Hut.

THE PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE: Transfer to Gasenried in Switzerland, half board to the Hut. Guide’s half board will be shared by participants, injury insurance.